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The Man’s Game

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Stop breaking the law jackass! That line seems to resonate with me every time I see a multi-millionaire athlete commit a crime that puts his or her career in jeopardy. Everyone from Aaron Hernandez to Ray Rice to Adrian Peterson to Greg Hardy and hell even Hope Solo had some serious issues last year. This isn’t a new phenomenon and it isn’t an original story. The fact that the previous sentence is true is disgusting.  When the hell did we as a sports loving nation, as a society, as members of humanity itself become so accustomed to this level of degeneration?... Read More


The Other Kind of Football Wife

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In possibly one of the greatest tragedies known to American families, I grew up in a football-free home. My mother didn’t care for football, or rather, the obsession, yelling, and amount of time dedicated to being a football fan, and as far as she was concerned, that was that. I didn’t even know that people watched football traditionally on Thanksgiving until I was in high school. I think my mother thought that she had somehow ‘won’, that she had raised a family with no interest in or care for football, but she made one crucial error. She raised me in Texas.... Read More


The Monster We Created

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It’s a business. We hear it from the players, the coaches, the GM’s, and the media constantly. Yet, there are not too many business quite like the NFL. An organization that is tax free. One that stands for more that just it’s brand. For more than the young fan dreaming of his chances to play football for his favorite team. No. It is not JUST a business, it is symbol. A definition of being an American. As Americans we fight. We want to always know the truth and when it comes to our food, money, and sports there is no exception. But we have gotten complacent. No longer do we demand the best. We walk around, faces buried in our iphones, eating our Chipotle, and absorbing whatever line of crap the media wants to feed us, regardless of whatever side you fall on.... Read More