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I Married A Pizza-Sandwich Eating Football Fanatic

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Every single semester in school I was required to stand up and tell the class about myself.  Name, age, where I live, and what I like to do for fun were always the important questions.  For whatever reason, it was always incredibly important that I list my hobbies, as if this room full of people taking English 101 with me truly cared about what I did with my free time.  I always kept it standard: I like reading, and baking, and playing guitar.  The honest truth is that while I enjoy doing many things, I have never felt truly passionate about anything, ever.  Not to the point of having a specific hobby be a part of who I am.  I believe it to be because while I am good at a lot of things, I have never been truly great at anything, therefore, I never understood how someone could make a hobby their entire life.... Read More


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To all our Buccaneers and Titans fans out there!
We are doing our review show at 9pm ETS. If you would like to be part of the show as a fan, we would love to here from you!
Skype Name is FBIApodcast and we will bring you onto the show no problem!... Read More