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And here I am without my Ark!!

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Hey everyone! Just an announcement. We have so much coming out this week. We will get the rest of our Season in Review Shows posted, our last eat show and our schedule release special!
Unfortunately, our production studio, aka, My house was flooded. Luckily I am awesome, brilliant and a wizard so I  had backups and equipment wise everything should be fine, BUT….it will take until Wednesday to get everything up. Please be patient as I wrings out my life and gets things sorted out.... Read More


Talking Broncos with Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann – FBIA0073

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The Guys grab their oxygen tanks as they prepare to talk to Mile High report writer Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann. She is fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for someone to know more about the Denver Broncos.... Read More

NFL Draft and Short Hiatus

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We pride ourselves on being all about the fans. We take no profit from the ad proceeds or anything we get from our liseners and instead put everything back into the show.
That means we want to always keep you informed.
Here is our plan for the draft.
We will have a draft review show after the draft. This is because we hate to simply speculate on who will go where and the big reason we have discussed the players very little. Now once the draft happens we will  have a lot to say and will have a division by division, doing a different division every week, draft wrap up with guests.... Read More

Season in Review Wrap-up

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For our fist season of doing this we wanted to give each fan something different. We wanted a show that was not necessarily reliant on the statss, but use them to supplement the opinion. With that, we decided to take on something huge. Our goal was to get Pro to at least semi-pro writers, podcasters, or bloggers for each fan base. Enter SB Nation. A site filled with blogs for each team and readily accessible editors, writers, and contributors willing to jump at the chance at being able to discuss their passion, their NFL team. Some were pro editors that had been doing writing for a long time. Some were young guys snapping at the opportunity to get their voice heard. Some were a combination of the two, but in the end they were all great.
As the NFL Draft stares us in the face next week, we have one guest leftand we will be wrapping it up. What we need is a voice from the fans. There has been great feedback on the whole endeavor, but talks are already in the air for how we will go about it next season. So please take a moment and give us your thoughts.... Read More